Technical Support

Owning a vending machine business can be the best business idea in Australia given that it will generate a sufficient and stable income. Also, it’s not rocket science for anyone who is willing to put their money and time to work to be successful. You can easily choose the type of vending machine that you require and purchase it and set it up.

The set-up. Even though some vending machines come with manuals you don’t have to take any chances or hassle against setting up a vending machine. And how do you do your sort your technical issues before and after setting up the machine? Worry not. We got you.

Experts for vending machines in Australia

Vends is the leading vending machine service provider in Australia. With the expertise of over a decade, we are here to support you in any vending machine-related issue. Whenever you face an issue, we are just a call away.

Over the years our technical team is packed with specialized knowledge in any sort of vending machine. And the knowledge doesn’t come alone.  We are also the best spare parts provider, and PPE vending machine provider and also, we are the best technical support provider for vending machines in Australia.

The Technical Support Services We Offer

As an organization, we always try to provide the best solution for vending machine-related queries with the help of our technical team. The services are provided to you after a perfect diagnosis and are not constrained to customize every single time. Here are a few services we provide to you,

  • Repair vending machines
  • Refurbish ageing vending machines to make them look like new.
  • Refrigerator maintenance and repair
  • Retrofitting older vending machines with LED lighting

And more. Our technical team have gained a relatively sound knowledge of many brands of vending machines from the inside out and they have a greater capacity in providing the best service for your vending machine in the house or on location according to your requirement.

Vending Machine? Problem? Vends.

Vends has become one of the leading vending machine service providers in Australia with its expertise over the years and its successful track records proving otherwise. And as a team, we always believe the amount a customer pay should not be considered lightly for the service we provide.

Whenever you have an error or query related to vending machines we are here for you.

Call us at 1300 135 515 or send an email to info@vendcell.com.au to get in touch. Our friendly and professional technical support will respond to all emails and phone calls. We make an effort to fix your issues the same day they are reported.