Sales & Parts

Owning a vending machine isn’t an easy task in Australia. You have to keep an eye on all the time to have a smooth and efficient business operation. But when it comes finding a good and reliable after-sales service for vending machines in Australia is always a challenge.

Vends, as one of the leading vending machine service providers in Australia, is equipped with a specialized technical team with expert knowledge and genuine spare parts for vending machines to keep them running efficiently.

Spare Parts, Product, And Service Support

At Vends, we possess the best technical team in Australia for vending machines. There are several reasons to call them the best.

They are equipped with a service centre with the latest technology and machines to detect and diagnose the errors and breakdowns of your vends and they also possess a fully updated spare parts department.

On your inquiry, they will attend to your vending machine repairs in-house or when your drop off the vends at the service station and they will provide a detailed inspection to sort out your issue immediately with no hassle.

And spare parts? Nothing to be concerned about. Our spare parts centre has got all the necessary parts, down to every bolt and nut to complete your repairs effectively. So, you will have less worry to get down the spare parts from anywhere else.

Overall, the team knows the importance of your vending machines running every day efficiently to give you the perfect return on your investment.

Parts and Service Warranty

When it comes to the spare parts we don’t take any chances. We provide 100 per cent genuine spare parts to your vending machines.

Our genuine parts that were installed or purchased through our spare parts centre carry a warranty up to 1 year unless it’s specified in the agreement and it can be further can be extended for an additional cost.

Our standard warranty covers only defective spare parts and machines. It generally does not include the following:

  • Damages caused by transporting the vending machine after it has been installed
  • Machine damage caused by a power outage or surge
  • Vandalism-related damages
  • Damage caused by removing the vending machine or replacement components

Genuine Vending Machine Spare Parts

A vending machine will go on for up to a period of 15 years on average. However, they can survive better if properly serviced on time and done the maintenance activities on a regular basis.

However, occasionally unanticipated damages do happen. You must thus have authorized professionals repair and maintain them from time to time.

Contact Vends, the best vending machine provider in Australia, if you suddenly discover that you require a specific spare part from them owing to damage. Better, talk to our professional team in person by visiting our shop in Prestons, NSW, 2170.