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Keep your business safe from vandalism with our armoured vending machines.

We know that one of the greatest threats to your vending machine business is vandalism. Placing a vending machine in a public area often invites thieves. Some poorly designed vending machines are quite easy to break into but not with Vend’s high-quality armoured machines, which are designed to withstand theft.

Armoured vending machines for sale in Melbourne

Our highly reinforced armoured machines are manufactured by Fas in Italy with the best industry practices. The reinforced tamper-proof structures enable the machines to be placed in public places unsupervised. Our rugged and sturdy machines are equipped with many safety features to protect against theft. This includes Burglar-proof door handles, an anti-theft closing system, a tamper-proof coin inserting compartment, a reinforced coin return compartment, and a security keypad.

Keep your business safe with our best models. The toughness of our armoured vending machines does not compromise the quality, reliability, and technology.

Vending Machines For Sale Australia

Looking for armoured vending machines in Melbourne?

Buy the best quality, durable armoured vending machines available in Melbourne from us. We offer easy monthly payment plans for all of our products. We have a money-back guarantee policy if you are not satisfied with any of our products– no questions asked. We also offer 24/7 after-sale services for all of our products which will come in handy with maintenance and other issues.


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