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Are you looking for new ways to keep your office eco-friendlier? We have the solution for you. Our compactors and shredders can help the recycling of plastic (PET) bottles and cans, making your office way cleaner while helping you keep your environment clean as well.

Compactors & shredders for sale in Melbourne

It’s important to keep your office tidy, but it’s more important to keep the environment clean. Every year tons of plastic find their way into our oceans, harming marine life and destroying entire ecosystems. PET bottles are one of the main culprits. Did you know that out of every six PET bottles sold, only one is recycled?

This is why we help you tackle this issue once and for all with our Tritech compactors & shredders designed by Fas. Our tower shredder shreds disposable cups with which we guarantee a 7 to 1 reduction in the volume of plastic bottles. All of our compactors and shredders are equipped with touch screens and WiFi and come with a friendly user interface that is intuitive and supports multiple languages. 

Looking for compactors & shredders in Melbourne?

Buy quality and durable compactors & shredders available in Melbourne from a reliable vendor like us. Our monthly payment plans are flexible, and after-sales support is 24/7. We also offer a money-back guarantee – no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the products.

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